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The Hotel

Gran Hotel Albacete. Our location in the downtown allows you to enjoy unique experiences.

Gran Hotel is settled in one of the most emblematic buildings of the city, with nice views to Altozano Square, in downtown, the surroundings are full of green spaces where you can get away from stress and get relaxed, unique spaces to get the best of this city.

It`s long history made the Gran Hotel a symbol of hotelier tradition  all around the city.

The building front is from the beginning of the 19th century and thanks to  deep renovation made during the last years, It is also one of the best equipped and modern hotels downtown.

We bet for modernity in order to get a classical objective: Offering the best service.


Near 1910, Gabriel Lodares promoted the creation of this building. Breaking with the tradition of those days. It has five floors and the last one is riveted with three “lanterns” that emerge from the plain shape of the urban landscape.

Gran hotel changed the concept of hotels in this town, providing comfort to travellers which resembled exclusive of foreign hotels

The façade is a mixture of styles: Renaissance, gothic, plateresque and modernist.



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